As part of the management and operation of the 14 airports, Fraport Greece implemented a comprehensive plan for their modernization and development. The company’s plan included immediate and long-term work and infrastructure development projects at the airports, which contribute significantly to increasing the number of passengers, but also to improving their travel experience.

Fraport Greece’s investment started in April 2017, in parallel with the start of the concession for the management and development of eleven airports on islands and three in mainland Greece. The work at the airports did not stop during the summer months for the first three years with high passenger traffic, while they continued in the middle of the pandemic, finally overcoming the difficulties and the huge obstacles that arose. Thus, in January 2021, Fraport Greece completed the projects at all 14 airports, earlier than the contractual obligation that had been set for April 2021.

The pioneering investment program of 440 million. euros of Fraport Greece, transformed the airports. The investment included the construction of five new modern airports, five extensions, four remodeling of airports, the construction and renovation of 12 fire stations and the renovation of 12 runways. In addition, all airports now have modern luggage management and explosive detection systems.

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