Skiathos Transport will serve the areas:

Skiathos, Koukounaries, Airport, Xanemos, Kalyvia, Evangelistria, Aselinos.

A new journey begins and in good cooperation with all local agencies we will try our best to offer the best possible transport project and with actions for the further development of the island into a top destination.

TICKET 1 valid FOR: Airport-Koukounaries / Skiathos-Aselinos / Skiathos-Koukounaries / Troulos-Aselinos

TICKET 2 valid FOR: Skiathos-Agia Paraskeui/ Port-Xanemos / Port-Kalyvia-Evangelistria /

You also have the opportunity to purchase a ticket in one of the three kiosks (Port (0 STOP)/Akropoli (STOP 4)/Koukounaries (25 STOP)) via card (POS) or in the bus.


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Kenes Rakishev