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The setting up of the Skiathos Transport Company has revolutionised transport on the Greek island. New bus lines have been created that now connect every part of the island with the main town, including a new connection with the “Alexandros Papadiamantis” international airport, and other new lines.

The Skiathos Transport Company was set up jointly by two transport operators from the nearby Greek mainland, the Urban Transport of Volos and KTEL of Magnesia, along with a private individual. The company’s new buses, some large and some smaller, operate on continuous routes on many bus lines across the island, with a low ticket price, with the aim of helping to bring a solution to the chronic transport problem the island has faced.

The most famous and longest bus line is the one that connects the main town with the famous Koukounaries, at almost 16 km long with 25 stops at the most important points of the route. The ticket costs €2 until stop 16, and €3 until the terminus. The Skiathos Transport company has also established reduced tickets of €1.60 for students, people with children and vulnerable people.

The president of the company, Dimitris Kolyndrinis, said that the company tried to bring a modern model of transport to Skiathos, because the island was suffering and in recent years the people’s protests were endless. Their aim is to produce a transport project worthy of the island’s reputation and it seems that they are being rewarded by the flattering comments of users. They have 13 large buses, created a dense transport network and connected areas that could only previously have been reached by private car or taxi, while keeping the tickets at a low price.

Starting from 2024, the company is planning to make electronic tickets available to the public for everyone’s convenience. In Skiathos already in 2023, two kiosks have been operating where tourists can pre-purchase tickets and this measure has proved to be very successful, given the advanced sales that have been achieved.

The company adjusts the frequency of the services depending on the traffic. The routes on the Skiathos-Koukounaries line run approximately every 10 minutes. The provision of flexible and high-quality services is one of the main factors that has made the new transport services on Skiathos successful. Another important achievement of the new company “Skiathos Transports” is the fact that it employs around 50 people and locals make up more than 50% of its staff.