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Dear passengers, 

let us give warm thanks to you for your trust, within the first months of “Skiathos Transports” operation.

Your positive feedback and “vote of confidence” give us extra boost to continue smoothly our work with reliability, safety and by routing new modern fleet.

For best service, we inform you that:

Six buses are routed to the island of Skiathos, οperating from 6.50 a.m. to 01.15 a.m. (next day). We operate on the routes indicated below:

Koukounaries / Koukounaries-Skiathos-Airport / Xanemos-Port and Port-Xanemos / Port-Kalyvia-Evangelistria / Evangelistria-Kalyvia-Port / Troulos-Aselenos and Aselenos-Troulos.

The average WT (waiting time) at each bus stop is 15 minutes, so as to avoid long queues.

In case a passing bus is full, please wait for the next scheduled, in order to avoid overcrowding.

Tickets can be purchased on the bus from the driver. Otherwise, they are offered at physical points of sale (stands, mini markets, etc.).

Τhree i-kiosks are placed at the port (stop), Koukounaries (terminal) and Akropolis (stop 4) where qualified employees are ready to provide you with tickets or any information needed.

You can purchase two different types of tickets for all the routes (2 euros and 3 euros) from the three kiosks indicated above or from 50 points of sale all over the island.

You can also find ticket issuers on our various buses, so that you can quickly get your ticket, to avoid delays.

We have invested in digital infrastructure, as well as in a messenger service so you can have online ‘tools’ in your service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An interactive map which includes all the bus stops is installed at website, which help you to be informed about your destination in advance.

Usually the bus stops in every station. In case no passenger waits in some of them, the bus skips it. If a passenger wants to get off the bus in a particular station, they have to push the stop button ontime.

All your comments are more than welcome, as our goal is to be better learning by you and offer the best possible service.